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Is there Uber in Amsterdam?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Aug 9, 2022

For more than eight years already, Uber has been operating in the Netherlands. More than five cities currently offer the service, which was first launched in Amsterdam.

What’s the best way for me to enter?

If you’re looking for a ride to or from a city like Amsterdam or Rotterdam or the Hague or Utrecht of Eindhoven or Haarlem, Uber is there.

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There are times when taking a taxi or a cab is more cost-effective than taking public transportation, such as when travelling to or from the airport, transporting luggage from/to the train station, or at night when options for public transportation are more limited in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Many of the city’s busiest highways prohibit taxis and cabs from stopping, so hailing a cab isn’t common in Amsterdam. Either phone a taxi firm to come and pick you up or go to one of the many official taxi ranks located throughout the city centre in Amsterdam and hail a cab.

Amsterdam’s Taxi Fare Forecast

Three factors determine the cost of a taxi in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam: the starting tariff, the cost per mile travelled, and the time spent in the vehicle. The following are the top permissible rates:

4 people in a 4×4 taxi costs: €3.36 for the first mile; $2.47 for each additional mile; and $0.41 each minute.

Cab for 8 people: €6.83 base fare, plus $3.11 for each additional mile and $0.46 each minute.

Uber in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, passengers can use the international cab app Uber (uber.com) to get around.

Newer cars with extra legroom have been added to Comfort to make it more comfortable for passengers. UberX is a lower-cost option for “everyday rides” and is available in all major cities. Green (electric) and Van are two other options (up to 5 people).

Using the app, customers may order a car and have the payment taken care of.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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