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How many airports are in Amsterdam?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Aug 9, 2022

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and The Hague is the country’s capital and seat of government. The Netherlands as a whole is sometimes referred to as “Holland,” despite the reality that North and South Holland are just two of the country’s provinces. It’s a densely populated country, with a little over 16 million people. It was formerly a major maritime force, but it has since faded into obscurity. Known for its paintings, clogs, windmills, and shockingly flat landscapes, this country prides itself on its cultural legacy.

As a present European country, it retains its cosmopolitan attitude and is regarded for its open-mindedness. Even though the Netherlands is a relatively tiny country, its warm attitude and numerous attractions make it an amazing and relatively trouble-free choice for a European vacation. The Netherlands has five airports.

In terms of size, importance, and traffic, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ most important and busiest airport. It’s the seventh busiest airport in Europe. A municipality that borders on Haarlem, Haarlemmermeer, is where it is located. The Dutch Railways (NS) service that connects Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station in 15 minutes is available to travelers that land at the airport. Schiphol is Amsterdam’s primary civilian airport.

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Many European low-cost and small airlines use Eindhoven Airport as a hub in the Netherlands. Because of its position in North Brabant, it is, at least by Dutch standards and ideals, a long way from Amsterdam. Hermes bus number 401 from Eindhoven Station may get you to the airport in about 30 minutes, while the NS train takes about 90 minutes. Eindhoven Airport will be used by numerous low-cost airlines, including Ryanair, Wizz Air, and Transavia.

Rotterdam’s Schiphol Airport – After Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Eindhoven Airport, The Hague Airport is the third largest airport in the Netherlands. Rotterdam The Hague Airport can only handle one million visitors a year, mostly from the seven low-cost airlines that operate via the airport. Rotterdam is the only airport in the Randstad area next to Schiphol.

Located in Beek, the Netherlands, the little airport of Maastricht Aachen serves the city. It is the country’s second-largest hub for international freight flights after Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

There is a Groningen Airport located in Eelde. Located in the northern Netherlands, Eelde is a civilian airport. Corendon, BMI, and Transavia are the only airlines permitted to land on the Eelde airport’s two runways.

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