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How to cancel dominos order online?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jun 11, 2022

The Dominos app is really user-friendly, so don’t worry if you accidentally order the wrong kind of pizza and have no idea how to cancel it. You’re human, and you’re bound to make a mistake from time to time. Read on to learn how to cancel the order step-by-step.

On Domino’s app, canceling an order is a simple process. However, the clock is ticking. You must cancel as soon as you detect the error because you may not want the pizza to be prepared and leave the establishment. In addition, refusing to accept the delivery man when he has already arrived at your house would be unprofessional.


Steps to cancel the order

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There are a number of things you need to know about Domino’s cancellation policy before reading on. You should cancel as soon as possible so that you can order from Dominos again in the future.

Follow the steps outlined in the following paragraphs to manually cancel the order:

Take a look at the Domino’s app on your phone and get started.

In the My Orders section, you can see the order’s current status.

On the Domino’s app, select the customer service option from the menu.

You’ll be speaking with a computerized version of a customer service representative.

Click OK after typing “cancel my order”

Depending on when you placed the order, you may also be able to cancel it by pressing on the Cancel order option in My Orders.

Alternatively, you can call the company’s customer service line to cancel the order.

The Dominos shop can now decide whether or not to cancel the order based on the quantity and the time at which the order was placed.

Within a few days, the money will be returned to the original payment method.

Is it possible for Domino’s to cancel your order?

While discussing how to cancel an order on the Domino’s app, it is important to realize that Dominos has the authority to cancel your order on their own.

Find out why in the next paragraphs:

Β Abuse has been reported at the delivery address.

In the past, the customer service phone number has been used to place hoax orders

One or more Dominos databases have barred this particular consumer for whatever reason.

The customer could not be reached.

The delivery address was unanswered or the customer could not be contacted over the phone.

Delivery was unable to take place due to an incorrect address or a customer who was not at home.

The consumer has not picked up a takeout order from Dominos.

In general, Domino’s 30-minute guarantee applies except on holidays and special occasions, when it’s free. There are numerous pizza delivery chains in India, and this one is one of the most popular. You don’t want to have to go through the inconvenience of canceling and rescheduling a reservation, which means you’ll miss out on a delicious meal.

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