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How do I activate the international pack on Vodafone?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jun 11, 2022

When travelling to a new country, international roaming packs are a must for hassle-free telecommunications. It’s easy to activate foreign roaming services with the help of India’s most popular telecommunications company, Vodafone. International roaming is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers. International roaming is pre-activated in the majority of Vodafone areas. Continue reading until the end for a step-by-step guide on setting up international roaming on your Vodafone prepaid or postpaid account.


Β Steps to Activate International Roaming on Vodafone Prepaid Network

If you want to use international roaming on your Vodafone prepaid phone, go to the official Vodafone website and click on the international roaming option. Prepaid account numbers can be entered here, along with the destination you’d like to visit. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a specific location, you may move on to choosing a trip package. Once you’ve clicked “activate now,” you’ll be prompted to enter the one-time password you received to your registered phone number. Activate international roaming on your phone by paying through the payment channel.

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SMS- ACT IT to 144 is also available for Vodafone prepaid customers. The next 28 days will cost you Rs 99 if you want to make or receive calls, send SMS messages, use GPRS, or any of the other services offered by Vodafone. The Rs. 99 international roaming service fee will not be charged to prepaid users who have activated roaming services prior to leaving India.

Activating International Roaming on Vodafone Postpaid Network

Vodafone postpaid customers can activate foreign roaming by visiting MyVodafone and selecting the international roaming option. Enter your registered phone number in the postpaid option. Select your journey destination and then your travel accessories from the drop-down menus. Once you’ve clicked “activate”, your OTP will be generated and the order will be complete. Proceed to the payment gateway by entering the OTP. Activation of the foreign roaming service will take place once the payment process has been completed. You can also ring 199 and speak to a Vodafone representative to activate international roaming on your phone number.


  • Access my account.
  • You can reach me by texting the word “CAN IR” to 199 ( toll free)
  • Visit a Vodafone shop in your area.

Within 30 minutes of receiving an SMS, your international roaming service will be terminated.

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Samuel Hall

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