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How to Cancel An Order On Bewakoof

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jun 19, 2022

Ordering merchandise from Bewakoof’s website is possible. Making an unintentional or mistaken purchase and then having second thoughts about it is nothing new for Bewakoof. You can typically cancel an order on Bewakoof and get your money back if you’re not happy with it. Orders can be canceled and money refunded under certain conditions.

Learn how to cancel Bewakoof orders, including circumstances where you accidentally purchase an item and quickly wish to cancel, as well as cases where the item has already been shipped or received and you have a legal right to cancel.

If an order hasn’t yet been shipped, Bewakoof allows customers to cancel their purchases. If you successfully cancel your Bewakoof subscription, you will receive a refund in the range of 3-30 days, depending on the form of payment you used. You will not be charged to cancel your orders because they are free of charge.

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You must be logged into your Bewakoof account in order to cancel an order on Bewakoof. Make sure you are familiar with the policy and that your Bewakoof account is active before you attempt to cancel an order. You have a limited amount of time to change your mind about your purchase. If an order has been marked as “Ready to ship,” for example, it cannot be canceled. If your cancellation request is approved, you will get a credit to your bank account for the amount you paid for your order.


Cancel your Bewakoof order before it ships.

Β To get back to the homepage after placing your order on the official Bewakoof website, click here.

  • Login to your Bewakoof account.
  • Select My Orders from the drop-down menu in My Account.
  • To see the specifics of your order, click View Order in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Cancel the order by clicking the Cancel button.

Your request to cancel your order will be sent to Bewakoof and you will receive an email confirming receipt of your cancellation request from here on out.

Post-shipment cancellation of a Bewakoof order

Bewakoof orders that have already started shipping cannot be canceled. Bewakoof, on the other hand, provides the option of returning or replacing the item. Using the Online Returns Center, you can either refuse or return your shipping materials if the product has arrived.

It’s hard to specify exactly what decides whether Bewakoof will approve the request, but it mainly depends on how close an item is to shipping.

Cancel your order right away if need be. To get a complete refund, you need to cancel your order before it delivers.

Bewakoof’s refund request for canceling an order

Your Bewakoof refund is the amount of money you receive after canceling your order. However, before you ask for a refund, check sure the product is still in its original packaging and is in perfect working order. When returning a product, be sure to include the invoice, price tags, and any original packaging.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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