What salary is good in Chandigarh?


Chandigarh is a beautiful, well planned city with its name derived from the temple of chandi which means ‘strong hold’ of the goddess of chandi. A Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier executed this plan. It is located in Punjab and the name ‘Punj’ is derived from the rivers that flow through there namely, Indus, Ravi, Jhelum, Beas, and Yamuna. It is known to be expensive and is justified by the quality of living it provides.

What is the average salary in Chandigarh?

Typically, a person working in Chandigarh earns around 29,000 per month lowest range is 7,300 and highest is 1,30,000 per month. It includes all the expenses given by the company as housing, transport etc. Salary mostly depends on career field. Degree, profession, skills etc many factors ‘affect’ salary of the person so exact salary earned to find is not possible it is always approximate. Also it depends on location where you live in.

What does your salary cover?

Accommodation: Chandigarh is one of the costliest cities to live in India. The rent of the house depends on the area you live in, the size of the house etc. For example a 1 BHK house will cost you less than 2 or 3 BHK house. Approximate rent for a 1 BHK house ranges from 3000 rupees to 24000 rupees. A 3 BHK apartment can cost you in the range of 10,000 to 50,000 rupees. A paying guest system will cost you around 4,500-10,500 rupees. Rent can vary a lot from place to place. Various sectors have been formed in Chandigarh which provides structure and design to the city. All the beautiful designs and thoughtful architecture results in higher rent.

Living cost: living cost is relatively high in Chandigarh as compared to other cities in India. Basic utilities like water, electricity, food etc will cost you around 3,800- 11,000 rupees a month which could vary according to personal choices of a person.

Leisure and entertainment: various leisure activities like fitness clubs, movies, restaurants etc costs can vary depending on personal choices of a person.

Education: education in Chandigarh can prove to be costly as compared to other cities as eve pre- school costs around 2500-12000 rupees per month which keeps on increasing with the level of education.

Transportation: transportation is relatively cheap in Chandigarh mainly due to its extensive network which connects every part of the city conveniently. Prices of diesel and petrol costs less in Chandigarh and results in less transportation costs.

Conclusion: Overall to survive in Chandigarh where you can eat, live and be happy and have all the basic amenities a person would require a minimum of 25,000-30,000 a month. Chandigarh is expensive as compared to other cities in our country. But all the expense is justified with the quality of life it provides.  It provides good quality education, transportation ease, good food, beautiful infrastructure and various other amenities that we can’t put a price on in a reasonable price.