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What Happens If Your Car Is Impounded By Police Philippines?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Apr 24, 2022

What could be the worst location for your vehicle to be impounded than a salvage yard? It’s far more practical to get a towing team to deliver it for you because you wouldn’t have to, plus there’s also parking available before you want to drive your car. Isn’t it just paying a charge and reclaiming your vehicle? It may appear to be entertaining. However, it is not.

So, for anybody who wishes to prevent having their car seized and put in the garage, here’s a clever tutorial about avoiding having your car removed and thrown in the bunch.


Parking Illegally.

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This is most likely one of the quickest methods to have your automobile taken and confiscated. You will notify police if you park inside an unauthorized area, and they will be able to remove your vehicle. Parking near a “No Parking” notice linked by the “Tow-Away Zone” is a major bummer due to notifying the officials. The tow vehicle would honk multiple times to encourage you to step out.

Be a stumbling block on the highway.

Here’s a horrible idea: don’t abandon your automobile on the highway deliberately. There are some methods to do it, but the main idea is to ensure your automobile isn’t in such a state that it can’t drive alone or that it’s stuck and blocking a key road.

However, parking your automobile in the center of a highway, junction, or road is the fastest way to have it seized.

Don’t let your driver’s license slip through your fingers.

To get your automobile detained in this manner, all you could accomplish is getting arrested for a traffic infraction and then not providing a license to the arresting officer. They’ll probably put your car in custody if you claim you don’t even have one. When you’re not a professional driver, being arrested would be simple because you’ve never passed an exam and are likely uninformed of a few of the highway’s traffic rules.

Registration? You require it, so don’t get it incorrect.

You can choose to lose your vehicle’s registration and get in trouble!

Nevertheless, don’t neglect to register your vehicle if you get pulled by someone over, for that necessitates the arresting officer checking your OR/CR. Just wait for the pickup truck to arrive later when you do not have registrations.

Ensure you don’t have any issue with the license plate either.

Having any wrong or unwanted issue with your plate can cause a lot of harm and get your car towed.

What is the cost of the penalty and towing In the Philippines?

Anyone who parks their car unlawfully on any public highway, street, or highway in Metro Manila may be fined.

  • P 1,000.00 for attending an illegally stopped car.
  • P 2,000.00 for an unaccompanied, unlawfully parked car.
  • P 1,000.00 for Blockage.

What is the procedure for towing a car that has been left unattended?

Suppose the car is left unsupervised for more than a minute. In that case, the towing company must sound the truck’s siren five rounds to warn the user, then the next five instances after a moment. They will tow the car if the person doesn’t arrive. Any traffic cop on post at the location, or any sensible adult who can convey the warning to the owner, must be passed with a warning.

The location of the confiscating area, where the car will be taken and detained, should also be stated.

The police will dispatch a towing company to transport your car to a storage facility. The policeman must complete a confiscating letter in the right format and send a copy to you, the ownership (though not you), and the tow truck carrier.

Once the weeks are complete, where would I get the car back?

You’ll have to present some identification to the auto storage area and the confiscating letter the police issued you or paperwork confirming you still own the car. You must also repay or make arrangements to repay the transportation and storing fees.

Is it possible to challenge the impoundment choice?

You can request that your car be freed from the authorities for the following reasons.

  • The policeman who towed the car didn’t have the correct legal authority.
  • Because the officer failed to provide you with the necessary impoundment notice
  • A significant medical crisis occurred (for instance, a lady almost had to deliver a baby).
  • You could also protest on the spot if somebody else is operating at the time.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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