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What do you understand about AME?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Nov 24, 2022
What do you understand about AME

After passing 12th with PCM, the candidate must have heard about several types of traditional engineering programs. Candidates who are looking for something unique can without any second thought can apply for AME. But before applying for AME, the candidate must be familiar with all the aspects of the AME course. Basically, AME stands for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who are the license holders to verify the aircraft’s fit-to-fly condition. Aircraft can’t fly without the approval of the licensed AME. AME is eligible to work on the profile relevant to modifying, rectifying, maintaining, testing, and solving issues of the aircraft. The licensed AME has responsibility for the safety and security of the airplane and its passengers.

The AME institutes are approved by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. Candidates who desire to acquire admission to one of the top government-approved AME institutes should register for the AME CEE entrance test. AME CEE administers the exam at the national level and awards scholarships of up to 100% to deserving candidates.

What do you understand about AME
What do you understand about AME

 AME license

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Generally, an AME holds an internationally licensed person who can serve as manpower in aviation in private and public sectors worldwide. The license of the AME are classified into the following divisions:

B1: This license holder validates the mechanical components aeroplane and helicopter. It is subcategorized into the following:

  • 1: They certify the airplane with jet engine/s
  • 2: They validate the airplane with piston engine/s
  • 3: These engineers certify the jet engine/s based helicopter
  • 4: These engineers verify the piston engine/s based helicopter

B2: B2 is commonly familiar with the name “avionics stream”. They verify the instrumental, radar, communication, electrical, and navigation systems of the aeroplane and helicopter.

What is AME Course Duration?

There are two-year academic classes, and the other two years will be live training in government-approved organizations in the AME course duration, The live training will be performed in DGCA, under the Ministry of Civil Aviation approved organizations in India such as MRO organizations, airlines, aircraft part manufacturing companies, etc. Candidates will be offered a stipend for the duration of the training session, based on their abilities. The DGCA provides the AME license after satisfying all the criteria.

How much is the salary package for AME?

The salary package offered to an AME is one of the appealing factors for candidates desiring to build their career in the aviation sector. It will depend upon several constituents, i.e., abilities, the reputation of organizations, technical knowledge, etc. AME is one of the most handsomely-paid jobs in the aviation sector. The candidate may be surprised to know that as per the payscale, the AME package of salary will be around Rs. 7-8 lakhs per annum. Aside from salary, they have vast career opportunities in the aviation sector. With the passing years, the demand for skilled AMEs is setting records worldwide.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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