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Sbi balance check number miss call

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jun 8, 2022
Sbi balance

Millions of new consumers must be attracted to SBI Bank India by the high quality of the services they offer. For both clients and the bank, they provide online capabilities that allow customers to do transactions from any location. These are only a few of the many possibilities. There is also a toll-free phone line for balance inquiries at the State Bank of India (SBI). In addition to receiving their bank statements via phone, users can also access their account balances via online banking, an ATM, or by visiting the bank.

Sbi balance
Sbi balance

Check Your SBI Missed Call Balance

For customers who want to monitor their accounts and receive mini-statements, the SBI bank offers official SMS banking services. In order for a consumer to use their registered mobile number to contact the toll-free number, they must make a missed call or SMS. In a matter of seconds, the system will process the balance and transmit it to your phone.

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A missed call to the number +91 9223766666 or an SMS to the same number can be used by SBI bank users to check their account balance.

To make a mini-statement, clients can phone the number 09223866666 or text MSTMT to +91 92238666.

Β SBI ATMs can be used to check your balance.

  • The ATM cum debit card can be used to inquire about one’s balance at any SBI ATM.
  • Swipe your SBI ATM card at the machine in the lobby.
  • Once you’ve entered your four-digit PIN, click the balance inquiry tab.
  • The process will be completed when the system displays the information on the screen.

Use the ATM to take a mini statement

  • Select “Mini-statement” from this same menu, and you’re done.
  • A receipt for the 10 account transactions will be generated by the system.
  • For balance inquiries, SBI account customers can also utilize a non-SBI ATM.
  • There are a set number of free transactions per ATM card that have been made available by the RBI. The system will charge an additional cost for services such as balance checks and mini statements once you’ve exhausted your transactions. Transactions at both SBI and non-SBI ATMs are counted in this total.

Checking Your SBI Card’s Balance

The SBI bank cardholders can utilize the SMS service to check their balance by texting 5676791 to the phone number.

Passbook of the SBI

The SBI bank in India provides a passbook to all customers who open an account with the bank. In order to maintain proper financial records, the book needs to be updated. Checking the balance and getting a statement are both made easier by using the passbook. In other words, the person using the passbook should ensure it is kept up to date at all times. Customers who haven’t switched to the new online banking process can get their passbooks updated by going to the bank.

Banking on the Go with SBI Mobile

A variety of mobile apps are available for SBI users to use in order to access banking services.

SBI Anywhere

Β No matter where you go, SBI is there.

Customers can use the SBI anywhere app to access banking services on their mobile devices. It is possible to see all of your account information, including balance inquiries and statements as well as loans.

SBI’s online banking platform

Β The SBI’s online users can access all of their banking information via their mobile devices or desktop computers. Proceed by entering your online banking login details.

Saral SBI Anywhere

Customers of SBI corporate internet banking will benefit most from this app’s assistance with bank transactions. Transferring money, checking cell recharge balances, and printing out ten-transaction statements are all possible from this location. Retail customers of the State Bank of India are unable to utilize this banking app.

Using a Missed Call to Check Your SBI Account Balance

Using the SBI missed call service, you can have all of your financial services sent to your home or office. All services are available after registering and making a missed call to the number provided. The customer must follow the following steps to send the SMS. CONTACT NUMBER to 09223488888 REG

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