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How To Cancel Dhani One Freedom Card

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jun 13, 2022
Dhani One Freedom

A brief explanation of the Dhani One Freedom Card is in order.

You can use Dhani One Freedom with a credit limit of zero percent. All purchases are immediately rewarded with a percentage of the purchase price in the form of cashback. Subscribers also have access to Doctors, who are available 24/7. By using the Dhani app and online Aadhaar KYC, obtaining a One Freedom card is simple.

In addition, the user must set up a mandate to deduct the monthly cost. The subscription fees range from Rs. 199. The billing cycle begins on the date of activation and lasts for one month. Until the subscription is canceled, a monthly fee is collected from the users’ accounts.

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Dhani’s wealth and health offers are extensive. The Dhani one Freedom card, for example, has a zero percent interest credit line and unrestricted access to doctors. However, some users find the monthly subscription price to be a nuisance. Due to the fact that the fee is automatically debited from your checking or savings account.

When your dhani one freedom card is no longer active, you can save the monthly subscription fees. The information on your card will be useful if it is stolen or misplaced.

Dhani One Freedom
Dhani One Freedom

Is it possible to turn off Dhani One’s Freedom Card?

The Dhani One Freedom card can be deactivated in a few simple steps. A monthly fee is required to maintain a credit limit on the card, and if you’re already using it, you’ll know that you’ll be charged if you exceed your credit limit.

To use the Dhani Freedom card, users must pay a monthly subscription fee. In order to join, you must pay a one-time fee of Rs 199. However, if you are no longer using the card, it is best to deactivate it and avoid paying the monthly subscription fee. To cease paying the monthly subscription charge and deactivate your Dhani One Freedom card, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

From the app, you can deactivate your Dhani One Freedom Card

As a preliminary step, you can use the Dhani app to disable the card. The One Freedom card can be managed online by Dhani app users. You can disable the card by going to the card menu.

The card can be canceled by pressing the deactivation button and selecting a valid cause. Wait for a confirmation message about the deactivation of your credit card.

The information on your card can be important in the event that it is stolen or lost.

  • Start using the Dhani App
  • Take a look at the “One Freedom Card” section.”
  • Deactivate the option by clicking on it.
  • Your choice must be confirmed.
  • Deactivation will occur.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be delivered to your inbox very soon.

The ECS NACH obligation to deactivate the Dhani Freedom Card can be canceled or stopped?

The online auto-debit technique is known as ECS Nach Mandate. You must provide ECS Nach Mandate at the time of the Dhani One Freedom card application for automatic payment of EMI and subscription charges. To remove the mandate, you must contact your bank and request that it be canceled. To suspend ECS payments and cancel your Dhani One Freedom Card, use the sample letter provided below as a guide.

Ensure that your registered bank account has a balance of zero dollars

Another option is to maintain a zero balance in your bank account. In this case, your subscription will be automatically terminated because the company will not be able to withdraw the costs from your account if the balance is zero. Nevertheless, I don’t suggest this strategy because it will negatively affect your credit score. If you don’t meet the bank’s minimum balance requirements, you’ll be hit with a fee.

The two procedures outlined above are the best ways to deactivate your Dhani freedom card. You should also pay off all outstanding debts before deciding to cancel your account.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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