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Living expenses for international students in Singapore

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Sep 2, 2022
international students in Singapore

Singapore is a modern city that boasts about its sophisticated as well as convenient facilities. It’s a dream for many people to live in this city making it more expensive than most places. Considering everything the living cost per person usually varies according to the personal choices of a person.

What are the basic expenses in a student’s life?

Basic expenses in a student’s life include the tuition fee, transportation, food, living facility, entertainment, etc.

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Living facility:

even though the accommodation costs solely depend on the personal choices of a person like would he prefer to live in the hostel provided by the university or rent an apartment, the average accommodation cost 400-500 SGD a month if you are living in the university dormitory and about 900-2600 SGD a month if you plan to share a rented apartment outside.


Known for its sophisticated transportation Singapore offers one of the most convenient transport too with its wide and frequent range of buses, expansive rail network, etc. The transportation cost in Singapore for a student can be around 45 SGD for MRT and about 52 SGD for buses. These costs are keeping in mind that students get a concession in the traveling costs.


Monthly expenses are also supposed to cover food after two major costs are living and transportation. If you opt for a monthly meal plan the average cost for food will be around 90SGD to 120SGD per month. These meal plans are subject to change from university to university and they might choose to not provide you with every meal.  You can also choose to buy food from university canteens and food courts which will cost you around 250 SGD to 350 SGD a month. These prices vary a lot if you choose to live off-campus and either prefer home-cooked meals or order takeout and dine-in restaurants.


Health is of utmost importance and luckily Singapore is well known for its world-class health care facilities. You can buy health insurance that will help you cover any unexpected incidents. Health insurance in Singapore will cost you around 920 SGD to 5015 SGD per annum to cover your health expenses as a foreign student. The offer even ups to 2.5 million coverage o these amounts.

School-related expenses:

 These kinds of expenses include everything that you might need in school including your tuition fee, book cost, library fee, etc. This cost varies according to if you choose a subsidized payment plan or a non-subsidized payment plan. Considering everything it can cost you around 27000 SGD to 30000 SGD for a three-year program in a public university.

Conclusion: the living cost in Singapore is higher than in most places and is justified by the quality of services and facilities that are provided. Living in Singapore is convenient in most ways and the cost of living varies from person to person based on their choice of school, choice of food, living status, etc.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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