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Is the Airtel network available in Singapore?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

May 11, 2022

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) and Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel) have teamed together to provide a high-speed, secure data network to Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the United States of America (USA). A single network of 370 Points of Presence provides high-speed data connectivity to 325 locations throughout the world (PoP). One of the world’s largest IP VPNs will be created as a result of this arrangement.


Enterprises across the globe may now benefit from a new network that combines the resources of both SingTel and Airtel, which has more than 170 PoPs in 165 locations across India, Africa and the Middle East.

We think it’s a no-brainer to join forces this way. Singtel Group Enterprise’s Managing Director of Global Enterprise Business, Mr Lim Seng Kong, claimed that by leveraging one another’s infrastructure assets, they “increase one another’s capabilities.” International consumers can now enter one of the world’s most dynamic economies thanks to this network’s extensive coverage of Indian cities.” For Indian firms looking to go global, this agreement opens the door to Singtel’s high-quality IP VPN network across Asia, Europe, and the United States.

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For global organisations that need to streamline their communications, we offer an integrated, fully-managed, and secure networking service.” To handle their communications across various countries, businesses simply need to deal with one contract and one customer helpline on the back of one network,” he noted.

“We are thrilled to announce this strategic agreement that brings together the expertise of both organisations in the global enterprise arena,” said Bharti Airtel’s Director for Strategic Ventures, Manish Prakash. As a result of this partnership, we will be able to provide our business customers with a more comprehensive global reach as well as a greater presence in India. Companies in the pharmaceutical, IT, and IT-enabled services, as well as financial services industries, will benefit greatly from this. “

Using high-bandwidth business applications like cloud apps, unified communications, video conferencing, and software-defined networking solutions, international organisations can keep an eye on their activities across different areas thanks to this global network. It is possible for users to experience smooth and extremely fast data speeds because to the network’s high performance Multi-Protocol Label Switching.

A single helpdesk and an integrated Operations and Maintenance system built by the partners will offer a consistent one-stop client experience. These systems are intended to improve network troubleshooting capabilities and standardise service quality across numerous regions. They are. Customers can rest easy knowing they’re using a network with high availability and reliability thanks to the combination of a single point of contact and a highly available and reliable network.


For both consumers and enterprises, Singtel is Asia’s top communications and ICT solutions provider in the region. Singtel offers a full range of services to its customers, from next-generation communication and technology services to integrated entertainment services, such as mobile, broadband, and television, to name just a few. Workforce mobility, data hosting, cloud, network infrastructure, analytics, and cyber-security are all offered by Singtel to enterprises. There are nearly 600 million mobile subscribers in 25 countries in Asia, Australia, and Africa that are served by the Group. More than 200 direct points of presence in more than 160 cities in 21 countries make up its infrastructure and technology services for enterprises.

Bharti Airtel

As a significant global telecommunications provider, Bharti Airtel Limited has a presence in more than two dozen countries across Asia and Africa. The company is based in New Delhi, India, and is one of the world’s most popular mobile service providers. Among the company’s product offerings in India are cellular services such as 2nd and 3rd generation (3G), mobile commerce (4G), fixed line (3G), high-speed broadband (3G), IPTV (4G), DTH (4G), and enterprise services such as international long distance (4G). Mobile commerce and 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless services are available in the remaining regions. There were approximately 361 million people using Bharti Airtel’s services in May 2016.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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