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How to earn great AME salary in India?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jan 31, 2023
AME salary

In India, students who are interested in aviation can earn excellent Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) pay. With an international licence programme, AME is one of the highest-paid professions that deal with the upkeep, repair, inspection, testing, and problem-solving of aircraft. Without the expert aviation maintenance engineer’s clearance, no aircraft can take into the air. Before every flight, it is necessary to sign the release certificate. Students having a 12th-grade diploma in physics, chemistry, and math or a three-year engineering diploma can apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Exam (AME CEE) at www.amcee.in to get up to 100% scholarship and admission to one of the top AME institutions in India.

AME salary
AME salary

What is the salary of an aircraft maintenance engineer in India?

In India, salaries for aircraft maintenance engineers are competitive due to the high need for qualified AMEs. The pay will vary according to the student’s extracurricular skills and academic background. In India, the average annual income for an aircraft maintenance engineer ranges from Rs. 6 to 7 lakhs, depending on the student’s aptitude. The student who wants to start a successful career overseas has numerous job prospects because their licence is recognised internationally. In comparison to India, the salary package will be larger abroad.

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How can one earn top packages in India?

Students must acquire an Aerospace Engineering degree to be eligible for a top organization’s great Aerospace Engineering scope and income. Depending on their skill level, these engineers can earn anywhere between Rs. 6 and Rs. 7 lakhs annually. In addition, the following abilities are necessary for a promising future in the aviation industry:

Dedicated and focused teamwork Strong analytical abilities, the capacity to think creatively, problem-solving capabilities, good communication skills, flexibility, accuracy and speed, and technical knowledge, diligence, Interest in the aviation industry, under pressure work, rapid learner, etc.

What is the scope of this course?

Is there a need for aerospace engineering in India or is studying aerospace engineering worthwhile in India the first question that comes to mind when searching for an aerospace engineering programme? The response to both inquiries is the same: Yes. The scope and career options for aerospace engineering in India are fascinating and alluring. The growth may be plainly seen if we look at the records of the research organisations in India over the last few years. India has put many satellites, rockets, and other objects into space. For Boeing, aerospace professionals from Tamil Nadu will produce aviation parts. It is the ideal moment for students who want to pursue careers as aerospace engineers in the aviation industry to enrol in this course.

Conclusion: AME-CEE course is one of the most sought courses in India, mostly because of the attractive packages it offers, the travelling opportunities on the job, etc. AME in India is a developing field, the job opportunities are ever-increasing. Respectful candidates from various backgrounds increasingly enrol in AME each year. The course is varied and has many different kinds; one can select a department based on their preferences.

What is the monthly salary of AME?

An AME’s monthly salary will range between Rs 50,000 and 70,000. After gaining expertise in the AME, the monthly salary will be lakhs.

Is AME a high-paying job?

Yes, AME is a high-paying job, as there is a high demand for skilled AMEs in India. These engineers can work in India and abroad, as it is an international license course.

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