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How To Cancel An Order From Myntra

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jun 11, 2022

For all of your fashion and leisure needs, Myntra is a one-stop shop. Fashion and lifestyle products may be found on one of the major Indian e-commerce sites, and the company’s goal is to make it as easy as possible to purchase there. You can choose from a wide variety of brands, from branded to local, with great deals and bank incentives.


An explanation of Myntra’s return policy

The online platform has a very simple cancellation and refund policy in order to provide better services and client satisfaction. Simply follow these steps if you’ve already ordered from Myntra and wish to cancel or return it for a full refund. Let’s have a look at them.

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Canceling an Order on Myntra

Β Follow these procedures in Myntra to get your order canceled.

It’s time to get started!

  • Just click on my orders in the top-level menu.
  • Select the product you wish to cancel from the list of items you’ve purchased.
  • Select the ‘cancel’ button.
  • Upon selecting, myntra asks for a reason for canceling your order, and you must select the one that is most relevant to you.
  • Your order has been successfully canceled when you click to confirm your cancellation.

If your order has already been shipped, here’s how to cancel it.

Cancellation of an order that has already been dispatched is not an option. The seller reaches out to the buyer and informs them that the order has already been dispatched if they want a cancellation. Refunds are still an option for buyers.

You can cancel an order on myntra by following these instructions after it has been sent.

In Myntra, how can I cancel an order via phone?

Β Open the Myntra App and log in.

  • Choose “contact us” and you’ll be given the choice of ordering, returning, or canceling your order.
  • To cancel an order, choose the item you want to cancel and then click the Cancel Order button.

Refunding Myntra Purchases

  • Go to your Myntra account and click on orders to begin the ordering process.
  • Next, pick the order that you want to return or swap out for a new one.
  • If you’ve paid for a return and selected that option, you’ll get your money back into the same account you paid with.
  • There are two options for returning an order: you can choose the time of day and location that works best for you.
  • Upon completion of these steps, a delivery person will come to take up your order and issue a refund to your credit card within seven business days.
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Samuel Hall

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