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How to cancel amazon prime membership auto-renewal?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jun 11, 2022
amazon prime

Are you concerned that your Amazon Prime membership will be automatically renewed and your bank account will be debited? Turn off Amazon Prime’s auto-renewal if this is the case so that you can unwind and take advantage of the many streaming options available. In order to be clear, you can perform these steps on any device you have purchased a Prime subscription on. No one in your household can access Amazon Prime from their own devices if you’ve added them. The steps are now complete, so let’s get to work.

amazon prime
amazon prime

Amazon Prime auto-renewal may be turned off in seven simple steps.

Amazon Prime’s auto-renewal can be turned off from a computer or a mobile device. Just a few quick steps:

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You don’t need to open the Amazon Prime app in order to open the Amazon app. You may manage your Amazon Prime account right from the app. So, click on the brown Amazon app with the black smile in the middle.

As soon as you open up the Amazon app, you’ll see a series of three-line icons at the bottom that allow you to move between different pages.

You’ll see a three-bar icon at the bottom-right of the screen.

To continue, you’ll need to click on that.

Select Account from the Account menu to open a shopping cart with a variety of options. Several alternatives can be found towards the page’s very bottom.

Orders, Buy again, Account, and Lists all fall under this category.

You must go to the ‘Account’ option in order to disable the auto-renewal of your prime account.

“Manage Prime membership” appears in the list of account settings. The right end of each option has an arrow that leads to that setting.

For auto-renewal purposes, you must click on the ‘Manage Prime Membership’ option.

This is the place where you can

see and manage your Amazon Prime membership.

You can now disable auto-renewation by clicking “Update your payment method” and changing the auto-renew setting.

You can terminate your membership by tapping on the cancel option in the drop-down menu. It is necessary to select the third option, “Manage membership,” before proceeding.

Further down the page you’ll see sections for things like revert and more.

You can disable Amazon Prime’s auto renewal from there, so go ahead and do that.

Why Disable Auto-Renewal?

Due to our hectic lives, it’s likely that most of us would forget when our account is about to expire. If the auto-renewal feature is enabled, your account will be reactivated and the corresponding amount of money will be deducted. What if, for example, you decided not to renew the subscription?

What if you wished to consider the possibility of renewal? Possibly no one is using the account any longer! Your money will be wasted in such a situation, and nobody wants that, right? As a result, you should disable auto-renewal so that you can decide whether or not to renew at a later date.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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