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How to cancel airtel xstream fiber request

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Jun 13, 2022
airtel xstream

Airtel is a well-known mobile telecommunications business that specializes in offering its consumers fantastic recharge plans and services. Customers can choose from a variety of recharge programs, including weekly, monthly, and yearly options. In addition to delivering all of these services, they’re extremely popular for offering their consumers a wide variety of broadband plans for a limited time. When faced with large monthly fees, it’s feasible that users will be inclined to turn off their broadband service.

In this essay, I’ll describe how to temporarily disable your broadband connection and the various methods available.

airtel xstream
airtel xstream

Disconnection of Airtel’s Internet Service

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Β Disconnection of Airtel’s Internet Service

Airtel Broadband Connection clients have the option of permanently turning off their connection, in addition to temporarily turning it off.

Offline Mode is one way to accomplish this.

Β Customers must visit an Airtel store and inquire about the offline mode disconnect method if they wish to do so.

To turn this service off, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

Customers who have a ‘Airtel Broadband Connection’ can go to any Airtel store in their area to start the process.

Ask the store owner for all the appropriate information needed to deactivate the ‘Airtel Broadband Connection’.

Once you’re sure you understand everything, you can request that your ‘Airtel Broadband Connection’ be deactivated.

Go to the store and get a request number after you’ve submitted your request.

Within the next three business days, your ‘Airtel Broadband Connection’ will be disabled

You’ll get a call from a customer service representative in three working days to see if your connection has been terminated.

Customers can also contact customer support to request that this service be deactivated via email.

This service can be deactivated through email by following these steps.

To stop using this service, the first step is to send an email to 121@airtel.in with a request for deactivation.

This service will be deactivated within three working days.

To see if your “Airtel Broadband Connection” has been deactivated or not, you must wait for at least three days. Additionally, if it isn’t deactivated, you can either call customer service or visit an Airtel shop.

Customers can also request that this service be deactivated by phoning a customer service representative.

Contacting customer service to deactivate this service requires a few specific actions to be followed.

Customers should call 121 to get in touch with customer service and request that their ‘Airtel Broadband Connection’ be deactivated.

The second step is to contact an Airtel broadband provider near your neighborhood if the customer service line isn’t open.

This service will be deactivated within three working days.


Recharge packs and broadband connections are obviously reasonable, but many telecommunications companies have been increasing the price of these packs in recent years, which is not manageable for everyone. Because of the lockdown, many people have started working from home, requiring a broadband connection. Reducing the cost of broadband connections would be preferable to outright discontinuing the service, which would result in fewer customers paying for it. A temporary deactivation option is also available for those who don’t wish to use it on a regular basis.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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