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How much is house rent In Netherlands?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Aug 8, 2022

The Netherlands is home to various students, professionals, and businessmen around the world.  The renting situation in the Netherlands is a little costly because of the high demand and less number of properties. You can expect to pay from about 500 Euros for one room to 2500 Euros for an apartment in the central part of Amsterdam.

Types of rent in the Netherlands:

The rent consists of two parts, the essential rent, and the service charges. You’ll notice that the rental price can be either inclusive or exclusive of service charges, which may include energy (gas and electricity), Internet, telephone line, water, and building utilities. Please note, that you would possibly also need to pay a one-time rental security deposit.

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 Things you may be asked for guarantee concerning your ability to pay the rent:

If you’re working in the Netherlands, you would possibly need to demonstrate a copy of your employment contract.

If you’re studying in the Netherlands, you would possibly have to present a statement of your Dutch bank account and probably a statement from your family bank account with an English note showing your credit ability.

In any case, you want to provide your BSN and always look for apartments that allow you to register with the municipality.

Types of housing in the Netherlands:

There are namely two types of housing systems in the Netherlands:

Social housing: People with lower incomes than 730 Euros go for this type of housing system. In these kinds of housing systems, there is a limit to which a person can charge as rent from you and a limit to the increase in rent over a year. You can apply for it and taking your income into account you will be allotted a social house. You can also get rent benefits and help from rent tribunals if you get into a dispute with your landlord.

Private housing: when it comes to private housing the rent system is liberalized and both the tenants and the landlord get the benefit to decide on their terms and conditions and the services they provide. This type of housing does not have any maximum rent limit or increase in rent limit and does not have a points system. You are not entitled to any rent benefit but you can still go to the rent tribunal if you have any dispute with the landlord.

Why should you rent a house in the Netherlands?

Renting a property might suit you better than buying one as a newcomer as renting gives you the flexibility to choose from and move every few months while taking off the burden of responsibility of maintenance that comes with buying a property. You can rent various types of properties in the Netherlands such as apartments, terrace houses, houseboats, etc.

Conclusion: House rent can be a lot close to nothing when it comes to the Netherlands based on your choice of rental property. As an international student, you might want to stay with the university hostels rather than take up your own place. As an international immigrant however you can look for your choice of property and try renting first instead of buying. Keeping in mind a few points renting in the Netherlands can be a cakewalk!

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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