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Can we travel from Delhi to Mumbai by helicopter?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

May 30, 2022

You may now take a private helicopter ride between two cities in India! Yes, that’s correct. Pune, Mumbai, and Shirdi can all be reached in style and comfort using BLADE India’s private chopper service. From Pune to Mumbai, from Mumbai to Shirdi, and from Pune to Shirdi, pilots can take helicopters in either direction. Bangalore will be the next destination for the joint venture’s services, which will be available very shortly. The cheapest seat on one of these helicopter tours costs about 12,000 rupees. The cost of a charter flight, on the other hand, is subject to change based on the number of passengers, the kind of aircraft, and the number of kilometers flown. Only private charter bookings are being accepted at this time because of COVID-19. If the situation is stabilized by the middle of September, shared bookings will resume. Accrution Aviation has also launched private flights to Goa beginning at 70,000 rupees for each person.


In a partnership with New Delhi-based investment firm Hunch Ventures, digitally powered aviation company BLADE Urban Air Mobility Inc has formed BLADE India. In India, one can “book per person on a flight inside the network or charter own flight,” according to BLADE India’s website. BLADE’s helicopters are described as “quick, silent, safe, and comfortable” on the company’s website. Along December of this year, BLADE India began offering its services in the Mumbai-Pune-Shirdi corridor. When it comes to Bangalore, it’s now ready to expand. Five to six persons can fit in each chopper at a time. It takes about 40 minutes to fly from Mumbai to Pune in these helicopters. Shirdi to Pune is a 45-minute drive away.

How To Book A Private Charter With BLADE India?

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The BLADE India customer service at 1-800-102-5233 can be contacted to make arrangements for a private charter. BLADE India helicopters provide shared services in the same way as Ola and Uber cabs do. Customers may use the BLADE India app to book the shared choppers, just like they would an UberPool ride. Apps for both Apple and Android devices are available. In addition, one may take in the city’s spectacular vistas from a height of approximately 100 feet above the ground while on these rides. Currently, only private charters can be reserved through this company. To comply with the rules of social separation, shared flights have been halted.

Β COVID-19 Safety Measures for Private Charters: BLADE India

Many safety precautions have been put in place by BLADE India in light of the current outbreak. The following are the rules:

  • Thermal screens will be performed on all pilots, passengers, and BLADE personnel.
  • Masks and face shields are required for passengers and personnel. Aside from hygienic gloves, pilots and personnel would also be required to wear them.
  • Before each flight, sanitization personnel will use an airline-grade fogging equipment to electrostatically disinfect the helicopter interiors.
Samuel Hall

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