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Can I Buy a Helicopter?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

May 31, 2022

If you get clearance from the proper authorities, you can certainly purchase a helicopter. In addition to the purchase price, additional expenses include: registration, parking, operation, maintenance, gasoline, repairs, etc.

Even if you live more than 100 miles away from your office, having a helicopter can help you arrive to work on time. Ownership of a helicopter provides an abundance of flexibility. You can travel to any place in the world as long as you have permission and a little space.

Certain things to know before buying a helicopter

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Β Will You Be the Pilot or the Passenger?

There are a large number of helicopter owners who have their own pilots. A smaller, more maneuverable helicopter is preferred by private pilots and individuals who own their own rotorcraft.

Professional pilots are typically in charge of larger helicopters, while their owners sit in the back. The big shots use this as their executive method of transport. Fun to fly, midrange helicopters can also be used for administrative purposes.

The bigger the aircraft, the more expertise a pilot requires. Almost all of the Robinson chopper types can be flown by a knowledgeable, experienced beginner. The same holds true for the B3 and B4 Eurocopter Ecureuil, AgustaWestland Koala, and Bell 407. If you are looking at heavier aircraft, such as the AgustaWestland A109 with more advanced instruments, you will require an experienced pilot.

Defining a budget ahead of time

The price of a helicopter is determined by its design, capacity, and the manufacturer. Begin by establishing a budget. Using this feature helps you limit down your search results.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of vehicles. There are a variety of options for first-time buyers, from the Robinson R22 to the AgustaWestland Grand, according to Sloane Helicopters marketing director Giorgio Bendoni. It all depends on your financial situation.

Where Do You See Yourself Traveling to?

Similar models are available from aircraft manufacturers, however they differ slightly in terms of appearance and performance. Smaller helicopters are more cost-effective. As a result, the vehicle’s carrying capacity, fuel efficiency, and range are all reduced.

As a result, you must determine the frequency with which your helicopter will transport passengers. Consider how far it can go before it needs to be refueled. H125 helicopters can fly 300 to 350 miles (about 563 kilometers) or 2 and a half hours between refueling stops.

In addition, there are other things to consider

Β In contrast to the H125, the Airbus H160 is a new elegant design aimed at both corporate and individual users. The cockpit and the cabin are separated, and the interior is opulent. In the event that you have a pilot on board, this is an excellent choice. Airbuses are a better choice for pilots because they don’t separate the pilot from the passengers.

The design of the helicopter’s interior should be consistent with its intended use. Some people neglect carpets as it is a lot of work to keep clean. Seats with double leather stitching, currently popular, are an attractive alternative to cloth seats.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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