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11 Must-Watch Netflix Shows to Help You Learn About the Finance World

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Sep 12, 2023

If you are tired of watching Hollywood chick flicks or blockbusters, you can consider checking out shows that will help you understand the finance world. Here are the eleven movies to watch on Netflix.


This TV series has an amazing cast, with Bobby Axelrod being the main character. He runs a hedge fund that generates millions of dollars. The United States district attorney suspects Axelrod is involved in insider trading, so they are looking for evidence to arrest him. To avoid leaking spoilers, we won’t narrate the storyline any further. Billions has over 55 episodes as of this writing.

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Dirty Money

Dirty Money reveals corruption in the corporate world. The documentary TV series exposes popular brands like Volkswagen for participating in fraud activities. In addition, it tracks suspicious transactions processed by HSBC, which later identifies ties between the banking giant and notorious Mexico-based drug cartels.

Dirty Money also sheds light on fraudulent activities being carried out in the political arena.

The Laundromat

This TV series involves a woman who lost her husband in a boat accident. As she tries to secure an insurance settlement, she discovers corruption dealings within insurance companies and shell companies.

Start-Up (Korean)

The Start-Up’s main character (Seo Dalmi) was played by Bae Suzy, a popular K-pop star. Dalmi is an ambitious young lady who has dreams of becoming a CEO of a successful tech start-up. She stays up late at night, working toward making her dream come true. The best part of the TV series is when Dalmi makes charismatic pitches to potential investors. If you dream of running a successful start-up, we recommend you watch Start-Up (Korean).

Start-Up (American)

Before the Korean version of Start-Up was released, an American TV series with the exact title came out in 2018. However, it had a different storyline relevant to the current investment landscape, as it focused on the rise of digital currencies. Most millennial and Gen-Z investors will find this TV series interesting.

Money, Explained

This documentary series focuses on topics around money. It features celebrity narrators like Edie Falco, Marcia Gay Harden, Bobby Cannavale, Jane Lynch, and Tiffany Haddish, who give their opinions on various finance topics. Do you want to know why people become victims of scams, gamble, or end up in bad debt? You can find the answers in Money, Explained.

All the Money in the World

The show is based on a true story involving billionaire Paul Getty, whose grandson got kidnapped in 1973, and the kidnappers demanded $17.5 million for his release. Getty refused to pay a dime despite his daughter-in-law Gail pleading with him. Instead, he hired Fletcher Chase, a CIA ex-agent, to scheme a rescue mission for his grandson.


This movie was inspired by the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. It narrates the difficult entrepreneurship journey of the tech guru. If you are looking to invent something and you believe in your dream, then Jobs is a must-watch series.

Decoding Bill Gates

This documentary series gives you a closer look into Bill Gates’ personal life. You will get to understand how his married life was with his ex-wife Melinda and how he manages to run Microsoft along with his charity foundation.

Money Heist

This crime TV series is among the most hyped on Netflix. It features eight robbers attempting to execute the biggest bank robbery in Spain. They manage to break into the Royal Mint of Spain and steal 2.5 billion euros, thanks to “The Professor.” Learn how the Money Heist characters manipulate each other through negotiation strategies and mind games.

Inside Job

Have you watched a movie titled “The Big Short”? Well, if you did and enjoyed it, there is a chance you will also like the Inside Job documentary. It narrates the banking financial crisis in 2008 and how the economy has recovered ever since. Inside Job will help you understand what caused the crisis and its economic effects.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

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