Where to Stay in Singapore Cheap?


Singapore is simply the most expensive area in ​​the region but you must be marked on the list. The goal of the budget traveler is to get in and out without much damage. Take a few pictures and add them to the following. At first glance, many travelers are saddened by the loss of Singapore’s Southeast Asian charm. No Tuk-tuk’s, rice paddies, triangular hats, or cliches. Its humble Malay beginnings were replaced by a brilliant, futuristic facade. The values ​​of the malls have been replaced by shiny, new buildings. But that is why you should see Singapore. It is unique in Singapore. It is bright, refreshing, and unlike any other. A delightful, multicultural pot, mixing culture and cooking. Food and the best food. Singapore is food heaven and fortunately for me a lot of the best food is available at retail outlets in budget areas. For me, budget sites are great places. Rich in character, culture, and food. You will be staying in Singapore on a budget. Usually, with a ‘red light’ shade, they slightly add an edge to Singapore with straight lines. The most popular budget hotels in Singapore are Hotel 81 and Fragrance Hotel. Both dots in Singapore budget areas. They are also the most popular ‘temporary accommodation’ hotels so it is best to ask for a quiet place.


Geylang is easily located between the Airport and the City Center and offers cheap, budget hotels in the city. It is also the illegal food capital of Singapore. It opens every hour for food lovers with a variety of Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine served. The most exciting is on the corner of Geylang and Tiger Beer streets, Mutton Curry and Roti Prata. Note that Geylang is also Singapore’s most popular red-light line even though it is far from seed or scary. It’s not just the deception of freelancers and local punters who end up in their business. Unlike the other bright red regions of Southeast Asia, there is no hard or loose trade on the streets of Geylang.

From Geylang, two MRT stops find Bugis and the Little India area. The other two also find Raffles Place and Downtown Singapore. Budget areas are not far from the city center. Little India is about 2km from the attractions of Marina Bay. Travel distance. The difference, however, is obvious in price and culture. And Little India is a great place to stay on a budget with the same prices as Geylang (maybe a little more). It is also the best Indian cuisine in Singapore and possibly Southeast Asia. Eating fish head curry is a must in Little India.

Arriving at Chinatown airport is located on the other side of the Singapore airport. The long journey from there but within walking distance from Downtown Singapore (1km gets Boat Quay, 2km gets Marina Bay). Chinatown offers fewer budget hotels than Geylang or Little India and in my opinion, is a very clean tourist destination. Yes, the place has a lot of good Chinese food but in Singapore, great Chinese food is everywhere.

The best view of the bright show comes from Merlion Park sitting opposite. Merlion Park is home to the iconic Merlion statue – half a lion, half a fish. Other great features include Sky Park on top of the Marina Sands building (amazing view below) as well as the glittering, future Supertree Grove Gardens by Gardens by the Bay. Walking along the Boat Quay is worth it. The cheapest settlement along the river is Clarke Quay – a tad garish and more expensive than the above.