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Real Estate Consultant Explained: All You Need to Know

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Apr 30, 2024
Real Estate Consultant Explained: All You Need to Know

Real estate consultants are professionals who offer recommendations and expert advice to clients looking to develop or acquire property. To learn more about these consultants, keep reading this article.

What Do Real Estate Consultants Do?

Also known as real estate counselors, real estate consultants perform thorough research to guide their clients in decision-making. These professionals do not focus on completing a transaction between the sellers and the buyers. Instead, their primary goal is to ensure that their clients’ real estate investment is a success.

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Real estate consultants can work independently or for big consulting firms. While most of them are paid an hourly or flat fee, some are compensated depending on the type of work they are doing.

The first step to helping real estate investments become a success involves a real estate consultant setting up meetings with their client to discuss the objectives of the project. After the goals have been defined, the consultant develops a plan to attain them in a cost-effective manner.

The exact role of a real estate consultant depends on the type of client they are dealing with. For instance, a client who wants to invest in a property development project usually hires a consultant even before buying the land. Such a client hopes to use the real estate consultant’s expertise to determine the viability of a particular investment.

The consultant visits the proposed project site and analyzes the market trends before guiding the client.

What Are the Various Types of Real Estate Consulting?

Real estate consulting may include:

Property Development

Investors hire real estate consultants to offer advice on real estate and commercial development projects from the beginning to the end. Consultants working for such investors are required to research ideal sites for the projects and run competitive analyses.

Real estate professionals who offer advice on property development have vast experience in sales and marketing. Clients rely on them to provide useful insights into buyer trends to develop properties that are unique and competitive.

Real Estate Investors

In some cases, investors who want to add real estate property to their portfolios can bring real estate consultants on board to carry out an economic analysis to make sure that the investments make financial sense.

The consultants start by making a pricing analysis and evaluating the demand for a certain type of property in the proposed location. After that, they estimate the potential return on investment and the associated risks.

Consulting Firms

There are several big consulting firms across the world that offer various services to help clients determine the profitability of their real estate investments. These companies provide consulting services to numerous clients, including corporate real estate groups, business owners, lenders, and real estate investment trusts.

Real estate consultants hired by consulting firms are tasked with performing due diligence, offering portfolio and lease advisory services, and conducting market studies.

Residential Clients

To obtain unbiased advice regarding your upcoming residential property purchase, it is advisable to hire a real estate consultant. They will help you evaluate the property to determine whether it is a good investment based on your goals.

How Much Does a Real Estate Consultant Make Annually?

Are you looking to become a real estate Consultant? If so, here is how much you can expect to earn per year. Zippia data shows that the average annual pay for real estate consultants is about $90,000. Consultants working for big, established consulting companies are likely to earn more.

Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Consultant: What’s the Difference?

Many mistake a real estate agent for a real estate consultant. However, there is a massive difference between the two professionals. While a consultant focuses on advising clients on real estate investments, an agent, on the other hand, facilitates the sale or purchase of a property with the aim of earning a commission.


Investing in real estate can be a complicated process. Therefore, to ensure that your investment is a success, getting advice from a qualified real estate consultant is recommended.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

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