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Introducing Bitboy Crypto – All You Need to Know About the Crypto Influencer

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Jan 31, 2024
Introducing Bitboy Crypto - All You Need to Know About the Crypto Influencer

Known for his crypto-focused YouTube channel, Ben Armstrong, alias Bitboy Crypto, is one of the leading cryptocurrency influencers. However, recent scandals have eroded his credibility within the digital asset industry.

This guide dives deep into Armstrong’s life. We will focus on the milestones the crypto influencer has achieved since stepping into crypto and the scandals he’s involved in.

Introducing Bitboy Crypto

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Bitboy Crypto is a US-based influencer with a focus on digital asset space. He gained fame through his YouTube channel, which goes by the same name. In 2023, the “Bitboy Crypto” YouTube channel hit 1.41 million subscribers. However, when Armstrong fell out with business partners and was featured in several exposΓ©s, his YouTube channel lost more than 80 thousand subscribers.

Bitboy Crypto’s Education History

According to data on his LinkedIn profile, Bitboy Crypto is a former student of Toccoa Falls College. He is a Bachelor’s Degree holder, having completed his Ministry Leadership course at the Christian Liberal Arts Institution.

Bitboy Crypto’s Achievements

Bitboy Crypto has, over the years, described himself as the minister for Bitcoin adoption. Besides his YouTube channel, he talks about Bitcoin and other digital currencies on TikTok and X, formerly Twitter.

Here are some of Bitboy Crypto’s achievements:

  • He is the brains behind companies like HIT Network and High Throughput Productions. But he got fired last year.
  • Armstrong established one of the biggest crypto-focused YouTube channels ‘Bitboy Crypto.”
  • He owns Front Page Tickets.
  • He founded Ben Armstrong Designs, a company specializing in SEO, graphic design, and web development.
  • Bitboy Crypto hosted the Beards and Bitcoins event until 2021.

How Bitboy Crypto Makes Money

Bitboy Crypto is an early Bitcoin investor. He bought his first coins in 2012 at less than $500. Since then, Bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed to $43,000, helping the crypto influencer earn loads of money.

Moreover, Bitboy Crypto advertises various crypto products on his new YouTube and sells merchandise. The YouTuber has introduced a number of subscription-based services to give community members willing to pay a specified fee access to exclusive content.

Bitboy Crypto also generates money from his book “Catching Up to Crypto,” which is sold on several platforms, including Amazon.

Bitboy Crypto’s Net Worth

It is tough to estimate Bitboy Crypto’s net worth, considering that he hasn’t disclosed his wealth, and most of the assets he owns are cryptocurrencies, which tend to be highly volatile. Nonetheless, some sources claim Armstrong’s net worth lies within the $10 million to $20 million range, while others say the crypto influencer is worth $30 million.

Cryptocurrency Projects Associated With Bitboy Crypto

Since starting his crypto influencing career a few years ago, Bitboy Crypto has promoted several projects. Some have been successful while others have rekt investors. These projects include:

Hex: This project promised investors a high yield on their deposits. Armstrong was among the influencers pushing Hex despite concerns from his followers that the project was a Ponzi Scheme. Hex’s founder is now facing numerous criminal charges.

DistX: Bitboy Crypto touted DistX as a “scam-proof” digital currency, only for its developers to rug pull investors within a few months.

Safemoon: Before on-chain sleuth, Coffeezilla called out Safemoon developers for attempting to rug-pull investors; Bitboy promoted the digital coin enthusiastically.

PSYOP: Bitboy Crypto started promoting this token last May. PSYOP is still in the market. However, some crypto analysts claim it is a scam risk.

Controversies Surrounding Bitboy Crypto

Substance Abuse

Last year, when HIT Network leaders fired Bitboy Crypto, they claimed that the influencer’s continuous abuse of drugs was one of the major reasons that led to his axing, allegations that Bitboy Crypto denied.


Bitboy Crypto has been called out several times for allegedly copying content from other influencers. Moreover, some crypto users have raised concerns over the accuracy of the data shared by Bitboy Crypto regarding the projects he promotes.

Promotion of Fraudulent Projects

Bitboy Crypto has been featured in various exposΓ©s, which reveal that most of the crypto projects promoted by the influencer have caused severe financial losses to investors.

Louise Villalobos

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