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How to Achieve Financial Freedom: 10 Habits to Propel You There

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Dec 30, 2023

Financial freedom, that is, having investments, cash on hand, and savings to afford your dream lifestyle, is a major goal for anyone. However, it has proven to be beyond the reach of many over the years. Escalating debt because of overspending and crises like a pandemic or an earthquake has kept many people from achieving their financial goals.

Troubles usually come knocking on everyone’s door, but the following habits can help you achieve financial freedom.

Set Life Goals

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Everybody has the desire to achieve financial freedom. But what does it mean to you? To get the answer to this question, you need to specify the amount of money you believe fits the description of financial freedom and then work towards getting it. Moreover, as you work towards reaching your financial goal, it is important to set a deadline.

Create a Monthly Budget

To avoid overspending, it is crucial to come up with a monthly budget. This allows you to know where your money is going. In addition, creating a budget helps you to identify which items you no longer need so you can channel the funds to a savings account.

Pay Off Credit Cards

High-interest loans, along with credit cards, can prevent you from creating generational wealth. Therefore, it is advisable to pay off the required monthly amount to avoid paying penalties. By doing so, you are also building a good credit score, which allows you to secure low-interest loans in the future.

Adopt Automatic Savings

If possible, register with your employer’s retirement scheme, in which funds will be automatically deducted from your salary and transferred to your retirement account. Also, create an automatic withdrawal to your emergency fund account to have the financial capacity to settle unexpected expenses.

It is worth mentioning that retirement accounts have several tough policies that make it challenging to access your funds should you need them suddenly. So, we advise against using such accounts as your emergency fund.

Start Investing Right Now

Many wonder if investing is a good idea during the bear markets. But history has shown that such markets provide the best investment opportunities. Popular stock investor Warren Buffett made his fortune by buying the dip. That said, it is advisable to start investing right now. To do this, open a brokerage account, then create a portfolio and start making monthly or weekly contributions.

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Score

Credit score plays a role in determining the interest rate you’ll be offered when purchasing a new home or car. Moreover, it affects how much you pay for certain essentials like life insurance or car insurance premiums.

So, having good credit scores is key because if they are bad, you will be considered a reckless person who does not care about your finances and may ruin your chances of securing a loan when you need it the most.

Negotiate for Services and Goods

Many are afraid to negotiate for services and goods because they think it makes them appear cheap. However, if you conquer this fear, you can potentially save thousands of dollars every year. You stand a chance to negotiate successfully if you position yourself as a repeat client to small businesses that are open to offering discounts.

Stay Updated on Financial Matters

After investing, keeping up with all financial news is necessary. This helps you to adjust your portfolios accordingly. Moreover, we advise you to be knowledgeable about new tricks that fraudsters are using on investors so that you do not fall victim.

Live Within Your Means

Many wealthy people emphasize adopting a minimalist lifestyle while accumulating wealth. To do this, one has to differentiate between their needs and wants. After drawing a clear line between the two, you can direct money meant for wants to investments.

Have a Financial Advisor

If you get to a position where you have accumulated a massive amount of wealth, getting a financial advisor to guide you is recommended.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos is an adept writer, renowned for her compelling articles that illuminate and engage. Her prowess in breaking down intricate subjects provides readers with clarity and nuance. With a vast and varied portfolio, Louise has solidified her standing as a distinguished voice in contemporary journalism.