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Does Netherlands reject student visa?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Aug 8, 2022

Situated in Western Europe bordered by the North Sea in the north and west, Germany in the east, and Belgium in the south, the Netherlands is known for its pocket-friendly education while not compromising on the quality of the education they provide. Most students dream of an education in the Netherlands but are fearful of being rejected. With 99 percent acceptance rate the Netherlands is known for its easy visa processing and acceptance rate.

What are the types of visas provided?

A Schengen visa or a short-term visa also called mvv is required for a study period of fewer than 90 days; students whose course is less than 90 days can apply for this visa.

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A residentโ€™s permit called as vrv is required for students who plan to take up full-time courses such as a bachelor’s and master’s.

What is the process of acquiring a visa?

The visa arrangement for each student is the responsibility of the university in which the student plans to study. This requires students to pay just the visa processing fee which is 174 Euros and collect the documents on time without fail after making an appointment. It takes around 60-90 days for the whole process.

What are the requirements for acquiring a visa in the Netherlands?

Even though the universities apply for the visa in the Netherlands on behalf of the students they need to complete some basic requirements on their end which are as follows:

Students are required to have an acceptance letter from their respective universities.

They have to have sufficient funding for their studies and stay in the country and are required to show proof of the same every year for the entire duration of their study.

Students are required to submit proof of their proficiency in English or Dutch language by submitting the required test scores.

They also need to submit proof of their maintenance of academic performance throughout their study period.

Last but not least students are required to have their documents legalized and translated into Dutch, French, or German.

On what grounds can your visa be rejected?

Netherlands visa rejection rate is less compared to other European countries but your visa can still be rejected on the following grounds:

Lack of acceptance letter: A consulate officer checks your acceptance letter from the university and thoroughly checks all the details mentioned. A mistake as small as a lack of signature or stamp can get your visa rejected.

Documentation error: Any error in your documentation can lead to the rejection of your visa.

Lack of finances: most European countries require a student to have a sufficient bank balance as proof that they will be able to meet their daily expense during their stay.

Threat to country: visa can be rejected due to security reasons. Things such as past criminal records, drug abuse, or any such offense are not acceptable.

Extras: Other than these basics insufficient educational records, damaged passports, poor language proficiency or interview skills, and the possibility of the student not returning to their home country can also get their visa rejected.

Conclusion: the Netherlands does not reject visas provided the requirements are met by the student. Keep the basic requirements in mind while applying for a student visa.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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