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Can Foreigners Apply For A Loan In Singapore?

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Apr 26, 2022
Can Foreigners Apply For A Loan In Singapore?

An emergency occurs when you are in a different location. You require a lot of money to help you across, and you can return it over a set time. In Singapore, where else can you receive a private loan?

Whether you’re an immigrant in Singapore and want some extra money, you would be asking what the best lending institutions for immigrants in Singapore are.

The great news would be that various large banks, and a handful of regular lenders for expats in Singapore, would entertain documents involving foreigners.

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Can Foreigners Apply For A Loan In Singapore?
Can Foreigners Apply For A Loan In Singapore?

Is it possible for foreigners to receive loans in Singapore?

Unless you’re an immigrant seeking a bank loan, you must show that your work permit is active for a minimum of 1 year. It is an aspect as the annual income should match the loan’s qualifying standards.

What kind of people are eligible for a foreigner loan?

Major banks have different qualifying criteria depending if you’re a Singaporean local or permanent resident or an immigrant with a valid work permit. The criteria vary depending on your circumstances, and the paperwork you’ll have to provide for a foreigner vs. a Singapore native or PR is diverse.

It would help if you had a current work permit to qualify for a foreigner credit. They’ll ask you for a work pass, PEP, or work permit with at least six months available.

Foreigners’ qualifying requirements are typically more stringent than Singaporeans’.

For example, foreigners looking for work in Singapore must prove a yearly salary of $40,000 and $60,000. Still, Singaporeans need a $20,000-30,000 yearly income.

Foreign banks would want evidence of identification (passport), a photocopy of a valid work permit with at least one year, and proof of address during the process.

Where in Singapore could an expat receive a loan?

Apart from balance transfers, companies offer credit to their clients. However, you must know the bank’s contract terms, service charges, fixed interest rates, and extra administration prices.

Let’s look at the few options offered by major banks around the country. The following banks are included in this set:



Standard Chartered is a financial services firm.

Citibank and DBS/POSB

What Is the Process of Getting a Foreigner Loan?

The interest costs and procedure can change based on the lender and types of credit you’re considering. In most cases, you’ll have to provide paperwork proving that you’ll be living in Singapore for at minimum a year.

When you would not have a credit rating, you can ask a sponsor when applying. Your ambition and reason to stay in Singapore for the term of your loan are important points that they consider. As a result, especially if you’ve had a guarantee, they may refuse to lend too!

How many private loans can you take out at the same time?

As per the Currency Board of Singapore’s recent unregulated debt limit guideline, foreign investors can take out personal loans up to 12 times the monthly salary.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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