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Best Hair Salons in Singapore for Every Budget

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

Aug 3, 2022
Salons in Singapore

Hair is the very first thing you notice in someone and it significantly improves your appearance. Every once in an exceedingly while your hair needs a decent fancy pampering session except for the foremost part a decent salon with affordable pricing is over enough for our daily needs.

Salons in Singapore
Salons in Singapore

Why is getting a haircut important?

The benefits of getting a haircut can never be overemphasized because it leaves you with strong, healthy, and exquisite hair. Major advantages to staying your locks happy. After you regularly trim your hair โ€“ experts explain that it helps prevent hair cuticles from splitting apart. The ends that are split are hard and sometimes difficult to repair. This is often why having your hair cut more frequently can facilitate you prevent such issues while also making your hair appear beautiful, strong, and healthy-looking, always.

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How much does it cost to urge a haircut in Singapore?

While the costs differ from city to city and are supported by various factors like the salon you decide on, the situation the haircut you wish, the stylist, etc, a mean haircut in Singapore costs around $40-$66 on a mean nationwide and the price a median of $53. Menโ€™s haircuts are comparatively cheaper for obvious reasons averaging at about $40 and feminine haircuts cost around $66 on a mean.

What are the foremost budget-friendly places for a haircut in Singapore?

Color Bar by full house salon at Tampines central

This place is situated behind Tampines one, on a mean will cost you around $25 -$45 poker hand Salon sounds like an unassuming neighborhood hair salon on the skin, which is why the amazing haircuts that you just can get here come as a nice surprise to several. Although this salon is best known for giving customers excellent, vibrant, and long-lasting hair colors, the quality of haircuts here is arguable top-notch, too.

Act Point Salon at Midpoint orchard

They’re home to probably the most cost-effective prime quality perm salon in town, with their prices a comforting $26 for men, and $35 for girls. Despite that, expect stress on customer comfort, with a policy to never a hard sell, or maybe up-sell unnecessary services. they stunning much set the industry standard for being one of the foremost transparent and trustworthy hair salons in Singapore this establishment is understood for delivering solid chemical treatments and in fact, beautiful haircuts.

No. 8 hair studio

The average cost to induce a haircut during this salon is about 38$-48$. Within walking distance aloof from Jurong East MRT, No. 8 Hair Studio is totally gorgeous with top-notch customer service and amazing professional hair stylists.

Style NA Korean hair salon at parkway parade

If you’re keen to seem for Korean stylists in your neighborhood, Style NA Korean Salon could be a good spot to begin. They need a variety of local and Korean stylists so you’ll choose the correct stylist for your needs. A mean haircut here costs around 45-50.

Picasso hair studio

Though Picasso Hair Studio is best known for its Perming and hair colors, regular customers can tell you that the haircuts here are pretty legit! The median spending you’ll be able to expect here would be around $48-96.

Conclusion: A hairstyle shouldnโ€™t burn your pocket and at the same time look ravishing, these budget-friendly hair salons make it extremely easy. Good hair, good day!

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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