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Best 7 Newsletters for Finance Professionals – Top Picks for 2023

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Nov 15, 2023

Do you work in the finance sector? If so, it is likely that you know the importance of staying updated on trends and news affecting this industry. However, keeping up with the developments can be challenging since you are busy working. But, the emergence of financial newsletters is making it possible for financial professionals to get the latest insights in their area of interest without too much hassle.

That said, whether you are an investment banker, financial analyst, or stock trader, here are the best newsletters to check out.

Axios Pro Rata

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Popular financial analyst Dan Primack is the brains behind Axios Pro Rata. He discusses public offerings, the venture capital market, private equity investments, and SPACs. As a subscriber of this newsletter, you will receive the latest information on firms seeking Series A funding and which ones are likely to pull the biggest investors. Moreover, Primack regularly analyzes the past performance of S&P.

Do you wish to know what experts have to say about the current trends in finance? Well, subscribing to Axios Pro Rata gives you access to interviews that feature finance gurus.

Money Stuff

Bloomberg’s Matt Levine runs the respected newsletter Money Stuff, which provides insights on crypto, banking, and Wall Street. The newsletter features an interview with the founder and former CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried. Levine discusses the most anticipated events and how they are likely to affect the financial markets. Moreover, by subscribing to Money Stuff, you will get the latest news regarding asset managers like BlackRock.

The Hustle

Founded by Sam Parr and now owned by HubSpot, The Hustle is a top newsletter focusing on finance and tech stories, written in simple English to make it easy for anyone to understand them. As a The Hustle subscriber, you will stay updated on the market trends from Monday to Friday. Additionally, HubSpot will teach you the leading tech skills you must have to become successful in the finance sector.

Profit From the Pro

Zacks’ vice president, Kevin Matra, writes this newsletter on a daily basis. Profit From the Pro covers a wide range of topics, from capital gains to financial advice, stock market, and investment analysis. Two of the most interesting sections in this newsletter are the “Bear of the Day” and “Bull of the Day,” which list two stocks that are likely to experience a bearish or bullish trend. You can visit Zacks.com to subscribe to the Profit From the Pro newsletter.

The Minority Mindset

The Minority Mindset newsletter can be compared to Morning Brew and Robinhood Snacks since it helps subscribers view business from a different angle than the majority of people. YouTuber and finance professional Jaspreet Singh is the man behind this newsletter.

The Minority Mindset is mainly focused on entrepreneurship, informing subscribers of the latest market trends they need to integrate into their business to thrive. Moreover, there is a section titled “Mind Break,” which features inspiring stories narrated by successful entrepreneurs. The good thing about The Minority Mindset is that it is absolutely free.

The Daily Upside

This daily newsletter is written by three economic experts: Brian Boyle, Isobel Hamilton, and Griffin Kelly. The Daily Upside focuses on how certain industries impact the growth and development of the global economy. Moreover, it teaches consumers how to enhance their 401(k) balance sheets.

Robinhood Snacks

This newsletter is produced by Robinhood, the trading platform that lets you buy and sell stocks and cryptocurrencies. Robinhood Snacks features interesting stories regarding the crypto market, tech, and NASDAQ stock, which are sent to your email every weekday. Additionally, this newsletter lets you know what your favorite company is up to. For example, if you are a fan of Netflix, Robinhood will inform you what the company’s leadership is doing to improve the firm’s revenue.

Financial Thoughts

Although building a career in the finance sector can be challenging, staying updated on the ever-changing industry trends can help you elevate your career faster. So, we recommend you check out these newsletters.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

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