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Best 4 Online Real Estate Schools – Top Picks for 2024

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Apr 23, 2024
Best 4 Online Real Estate Schools - Top Picks for 2024

You no longer need to travel miles to learn a real estate course, thanks to the emergence of online real estate schools. These virtual learning institutions provide various courses for aspiring and current real estate brokers and agents, which they can enrol in from the comfort of their houses.

Do you wish to take a real estate-related course from home? Read this guide to learn about the leading online real estate schools you can consider joining.

The CE Shop

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This online school offers several exam prep, post-licensing, and pre-licensing classes. It accepts students from 50 US states. Classes at The CE Shop are instructed by professionals who have been in the real estate industry for over a decade.

It is worth mentioning that classes offered vary from one state to another. The CE Shop allows students to create custom packages that fit their specific needs. Moreover, this institution is popular for its continuing education courses, which help real estate agents to keep their licenses valid.

In terms of the costs, The CE Shop charges varying fees depending on the type of licenses students hold and the states they live in.

Pros and Cons of The CE Shop


  • The CE Shop offers students a free trial for select courses.
  • The institution charges affordable courses.
  • There are several continuing education courses offered.


  • The CE Shop does not offer license upgrade courses in all states.

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate was established in 1998. The real estate school is a subsidiary of the McKissock group of companies. It admits students in 41 US states. As a student at Colibri Real Estate, you can pursue pre- and post-licensing courses. The cheapest course goes for $248, while the most expensive, which includes Q&A sessions with a qualified instructor, will set you back roughly $430.

Apart from students in New Jersey, Tennessee, Michigan, and Florida, students in other states where Colibri Real Estate has a presence are offered a “Don’t Pay Guarantee,” which involves the institution refunding purchase prices to students who do not pass their exams.

Pros and Cons of Colibri Real Estate


  • Colibri Real Estate is certified by IDECC and ARELLO.
  • The institution offers multiple real estate courses.
  • Live Q&A sessions are available for select courses.


  • Colibri Real Estate does not offer license upgrade courses to all US states.


While Aceable offers some of the best prices you can find in the market today, there is a chance that it doesn’t provide its services in your state. It only accepts students from 13 states. The good thing is that courses offered by Aceable are accredited by almost all agencies in the states it operates.

Aceable’s courses range from pre-licensing to post-licensing, professional development, and continuing education. Although instructors offering these courses vary from state to state, they are all experts in the real estate industry.

Pros and Cons of Aceable


  • Aceable offers a mobile app that allows students to learn on the go.
  • The school fees are affordable.


  • Aceable has limited state presence.


Kaplan started operations in 1938. It is arguably one of the biggest online learning institutions. It now operates in over 30 countries. Kaplan offers its real estate courses in different formats, including on-demand and live.

Pricing varies from state to state. For example, a pre-licensing course in New York goes for $380, whereas the same course is priced at $300 in Georgia.

Pros and Cons of Kaplan


  • Students get easy access to instructors.
  • Instructors have several years of experience in the real estate sector.
  • Continuing education courses are offered at affordable prices.


  • The school’s online platform can be complex to navigate for some students.

How to Sign Up for an Online Real Estate Institution

Here are the steps to follow to register with an online real estate school:

1. Visit your preferred online school’s platform and create an account.

2. Select the real estate course you wish to pursue and make the required payment.

3. Follow the instructions provided to access the various learning materials to start pursuing your course.

Louise Villalobos

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