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A Guide to Notcoin – Exploring the Telegram-Based Crypto Game

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Jun 11, 2024
A Guide to Notcoin - Exploring the Telegram-Based Crypto Game

Several play-to-earn (P2E) games have been launched over the past few years. Notcoin is one of the outstanding P2E games in the market today. The Telegram-based game allows users to complete various tasks to receive rewards without making an upfront investment.

This guide focuses on Notcoin. Learn more about the game and how to buy its native token, NOT.

Exploring Notcoin

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Launched in January 2024, Notcoin rewards active users for completing various tasks. The game uses the proof-of-interaction and proof-of-activity consensus mechanisms to identify active players who log in daily and participate in community events.

The two consensus mechanisms ensure reward distribution is decentralized and that all active users receive their fair share of tokens based on their level of engagement.

Notcoin runs on The Open Network (TON), a blockchain known for its advanced security features and ability to process large transaction volumes within seconds. Transactions of the game users are processed using the multi-level sharding technology built by TON developers. The technology splits the TON network into smaller shards or segments, allowing the blockchain to process transactions quickly.

One of Notcoin’s key features is decentralized ownership. The game allows the players to fully own virtual assets they purchase or earn. That means these players can trade their virtual assets whenever they wish without relying on central entities.

Notcoin’s Roadmap

The Notcoin team has promised to continue developing the game over the coming months. Here is the project’s roadmap for 2024:

First quarter: Notcoin launches and quickly becomes popular among Telegram users.

Second quarter: NFT vouchers are introduced, allowing trades to earn NOT tokens.

Third Quarter: Notcoin rolls out new features to improve security.

Fourth Quarter: Notcoin decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is formed to allow players to take part in the game’s governance.

Notcoin’s Traits

Here are some of the notable features you will find in the Notcoin game:

Interactive Gameplay

With Notcoin, players only need to follow the tasks given by the game’s bot to earn rewards. Therefore, they don’t need prior crypto gaming experience to play Notcoin.


To earn rewards in Notcoin, you must complete various quests. Notcoin introduces new challenges daily.


Notcoin ranks players based on their achievements and activity. Top players usually receive extra rewards, thus encouraging continuous engagement among users who wish to earn more.

Referral System

If you invite a friend to play Notcoin, you both earn NOT tokens. The Notcoin referral system has played a key in onboarding new users to the game.

It is worth mentioning that Notcoin partners with numerous gaming platforms, such as Pixels, Axie Infinity, and Heroes of Mavia, to promote adoption.

The Notcoin Founder

Notcoin was developed by two blockchain developers: Andrew Hayward and Reza Jafery. These tech gurus run a company called Open Builders. They intend to make crypto gaming more accessible by building a user-friendly game.

The Notcoin Token

NOT started trading on May 16th, 2024, with 102.7 million tokens in circulation. Within two weeks, NOT hit its all-time high ($0.028). However, the coin was trading at $0.015 as of this writing, with a market cap of $1.62 billion.

So, what are the use cases of NOT? One might ask. Well, the coin is used to reward players. Also, it is used as Notcoin’s in-game currency and can be staked to earn yield.

How to Buy NOT

As of June 2024, NOT is listed on leading exchanges like Binance, OKX, Bybit, Gate.io, MEXC, and KuCoin. Here is how to buy the coin on Bybit:

1. Download the Bybit mobile app and create an exchange account.

2. Verify your identity and fund your account using USDT. You can purchase USDT using your debit card or transfer it from an external source.

3. After funding your Bybit account, look for the NOT/USDT trading pair in the spot market and place a buy order.

4. Your NOT tokens should arrive in your Bybit account within seconds.

For safety purposes, transferring the NOT tokens to non-custodial wallets like SafePal S1 or Trust Wallet is advisable.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

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