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A Comprehensive Guide to Renting Property in Qatar

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Nov 30, 2023

Qatar, one of the world’s leading oil-producing countries, has continued attracting foreigners, who account for over 80% of Doha’s population. That means the demand for rentals in this capital city is high. Are you looking to rent property in Qatar? Well, keep reading this guide.

Renting Property in Qatar

Although the oil-rich country allows foreigners to purchase property, most still prefer renting. About 60% of properties in Qatar are meant for residential renting. But do foreigners opt to rent because it is cheaper than buying? No! In fact, renting costs in Qatar are more expensive than in most countries. According to a recent report by Colliers International, a well-known real estate service organization, foreigners in Qatar spend over one-third of their monthly income on rent.

The good thing is that the costs of essential utilities like gas, water, and electricity are relatively low.

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Renting Process in Qatar

The process of renting a property in Qatar is quick and efficient as long as you have the required documents. Rental contracts are usually valid for a year and contain provisions regarding dos and don’ts.

That said, it is essential to read a rental contract carefully, considering that, in some cases, its provisions may favor the landlord.

As a foreigner, you will be required to provide post-dated cheques covering the duration of the rental contract before moving in. Also, you need to keep in mind that Qatar is an Islamic nation. Therefore, to rent a property as a couple, you must be married first.

Where to Rent in Qatar

Al Saad – This place is popular for hosting the Al Saad Sports Complex. Moreover, you will find several medical centers, malls, and other amenities in Al Saad.

The Old Airport Area – As the name suggests, this area hosted an airport some years back. Here, you will find spacious villas suitable for large families.

West Bay – Are you looking for premium villas facing the sea? Well, consider exploring West Bay. But be ready to pay expensive rental costs.

Al Dafna – Most offices are found in Al Dafna. Therefore, renting in this area is ideal for foreigners who do not want to commute for several hours to work.

Lusail City – If you want to live in futuristic apartments, then you should find a property in Lusail City.

Renting vs. Buying in Qatar

Per a report published on Valustrta.com in 2020, foreigners prefer renting due to uncertainty around the duration of their stay in Qatar. Moreover, the cost of buying property is considered beyond the reach of many foreigners.

However, foreigners who wish to remain in Qatar for over five years and earn QAR 15,000 per month are allowed to secure a mortgage as long as they are able to pay a deposit of 30% of the property value.

Before you consider buying an apartment or a villa in Qatar, we recommend you rent first so that you can understand the property-purchasing process in this Islamic country.

Types of Property Available for Rent

Qatar offers different types of property for foreigners to rent. When choosing your ideal rental, it is essential to consider factors like amenities, property location, and the cost of rent.

Renting Options

Standalone villas– Such villas have individual pools and large gardens but are costly.

Villas in compounds – These villas share activity areas like swimming pools, playgrounds, and community centers.

Apartments – Qatar offers apartments of varying sizes. You can find a studio or even a four-bedroom apartment. Many apartment buildings come with a shared pool and gym area.

Serviced apartments – During their first three to five months in Qatar, most foreigners go for serviced apartments, which offer housekeeping services.

How to Find Rentals in Qatar

A popular way to find a villa or an apartment to rent in Qatar is via a registered real estate agent who will guide you through the entire renting process. Moreover, you can check properties available for renting on reliable platforms like qatarliving.com and propertyfinder.qa.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

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