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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a House in the US Without a Green Card

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Mar 18, 2024
A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a House in the US Without a Green Card

Is it possible to buy a house in the United States without a green card? Yes! However, the process can be a little complicated. But do not worry! In this guide, we will show you how to acquire your dream American home as a foreigner without a green card.

Before we take you through the process of buying a house in the US without a green card, it is important you understand a few things. Firstly, American lenders may ask you to make a larger down payment as they consider you as a high risk. Secondly, securing a mortgage can be challenging.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a House in the United States Without a Green Card

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1. Choose the Location and the Type of the House You Wish Purchase in the US

When planning to buy an American house, you should consider factors like amenities and transport. Moreover, it is advisable to select areas that have many foreigners. Also, choose the type of property you want to purchase based on your budget and family size. The US real estate offers different types of properties, from apartments to condos.

2. Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

As mentioned earlier, foreigners without green cards find it challenging to navigate the American real estate market. Therefore, it is wise to contact a reputable real estate agent. Ensure they have a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation. This agent will offer you guidance on regulations and rules related to house acquisitions and help you select the right property and negotiate with the seller.

3. Start Looking for Your Ideal House With the Help of the Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents usually have lists of properties available for sale. This makes your home search easy. That said, your agent will share a property list with you so you can pick the house you wish to buy.

4. Make an Initial Offer to Open Negotiations

Upon identifying your ideal property, consult with your real estate agent on the offer you should make to the seller. The agent will research the average housing price within the area where your desired property is located to come up with the best offer.

5. Apply for a US SSN (Social Security Number) or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) From the IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

After the seller accepts your offer, you will need to apply for an SSN or ITIN with the US IRS. The number is crucial as you will require it when submitting a mortgage application and paying taxes.

6. Find a Lender That Provides Mortgages to Foreigners Without Green Cards

There are several American lenders that offer home loans to foreigners who lack green cards. However, extra documentation is required to get such loans. For example, your lender might ask you to provide a bank statement and proof of income. Your real estate agent can help you find the right lender.

After getting approved for a mortgage, open an American bank account and fund it with the required money for the down payment on your house.

7. Understand Your Tax obligations as a Foreigner

It is important to understand the taxes the United States government has imposed on foreigners buying property without green cards. Knowing the payable taxes will help you determine the exact cost of purchasing an American house.

8. Carry Out a Home Inspection

Inspecting the house you want to buy is vital. This helps you to identify any damages. If you find areas that require repairs, you can renegotiate sale terms with the seller.

9. Enter a Sale Agreement

Before signing a sale contract, let your real estate agent interpret all its terms. After signing the agreement, the agent will complete the Title Report, which shows the current and the incoming owner of the property.

10. Become the New Owner

After signing a sale agreement, the seller will transfer ownership of the property by signing a deed, which will taken to the land registry. Now, complete your purchase by transferring the full amount to the seller.


Although buying a house in the US without a green card can be difficult, hiring a qualified real estate agent can make the process less complicated.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

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