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9 Websites, Courses, and Apps to Improve Financial Literacy

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Oct 29, 2023

Every person needs to learn about financial literacy in order to make proper decisions regarding their finances. Luckily, there are several resources on the internet that help you enhance your financial literacy. In this article, we will explore nine free websites, courses, and apps that you can use to boost your financial knowledge. They include;

Credit Karma

This app helps users manage their finances and access credit report data from the top credit bureaus for free. Moreover, Credit Karma lets you explore and compare the various offers for insurance, credit cards, and loans available in the market. The app also teaches users how to improve their credit scores. That said, Credit Karma is a valuable resource for people looking to boost their creditworthiness.

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You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This is one of the most used budgeting apps today. YNAB users take charge of their money by formulating a monthly budget, which allows them to track their spending. You Need a Budget also teaches users four rules they need to master to have a better relationship with their finances. To learn these rules, visit the app’s YouTube channel, “YNAB.”


Mint is another top personal finance application. It lets you manage your money by developing a budget and tracking your spending. To do this, you are required to connect your bank account with the app. Mint will then import all transactions to make it easy for you to create a budget and track spending. Additionally, you can add your monthly bills on Mint so that the app can alert you when they are due.


This website provides financial education. It helps people with bad credit to enhance their creditworthiness. BadCredit.org offers a variety of resources, such as comprehensive articles on boosting your credit score, how to consolidate your debt, and selecting the right credit cards to improve your credit.

Besides these articles, BadCredit.Org regularly shares with users its interviews featuring various leaders of credit repair agencies and credit unions to help them learn how to build good credit reports.


At CardRates.com, you can find unbiased reviews of a wide range of credit cards. The website also compares these credit cards in terms of their features, the credit score required to secure them, and their issuers. In addition, you can visit CardRates’ X official account (@CardRates) to stay up to date on the latest discussions around finance management and optimization.

Planning for Risk and Retirement Course

If you wish to formulate a good retirement plan, consider taking a look at the Planning for Risk and Retirement course available on EdX. Besides retirement planning, it covers other topics, such as investment planning and insurance principles (casualty, life, and property insurance).

Personal Finance 101

To learn more about personal finance management, we advise you to enroll in the Personal Finance 101 course offered on education site Udemy. This is a video course with a duration of three hours. It covers several topics, such as filing tax returns and building credit. It also teaches how to handle your finances in times of life changes like childbirth or divorce.


One of the most visited websites is Investopedia.com. On this site, you can learn how to manage your finances and the various ways to identify the right investment opportunities. These financial topics are taught through video clips and articles. The most important feature of Investopedia is the stock market simulator, which allows users to learn how to invest without using real money.


Stash comes as a website and a mobile app. Besides offering helpful investing content, the platform allows users, especially those with little investment experience, to invest in stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds. After learning the basics of investing, you can fund your Stash account and then let the platform invest the money in various financial instruments using its “Smart Portfolio” feature.


With these nine valuable resources, we believe you can boost your financial knowledge to take charge of your finances and improve your creditworthiness. The best part is that all of them are free.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos is an adept writer, renowned for her compelling articles that illuminate and engage. Her prowess in breaking down intricate subjects provides readers with clarity and nuance. With a vast and varied portfolio, Louise has solidified her standing as a distinguished voice in contemporary journalism.