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5 Notion Budget Templates to Help You Track Savings and Expenses for Free

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Nov 21, 2023

Tracking your finances in the current economy is vital. Notion templates are here to streamline this process. In this article, we will look at five free Notion templates that can help you plan your monthly budget, monitor your expenses, and set your savings goals.

Five Free Notion Templates

Monthly Budget Planner

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If you wish to plan your budget for a certain month in advance, you can adopt this free financial template. Monthly Budget Planner comes with an easy-to-understand interface, allowing you to navigate it without help. In this template, you can enter your monthly income from various sources and the expected expenses for the month.

The budget for these expenses will be deducted from monthly income. With all the regular monthly expenses covered, you can now budget the remaining funds more efficiently. Monthly Budget Planner lets you add new spending to the template to help you determine if you’re sticking to your budget. In case the spending exceeds your budget, this template will recommend you be more financially disciplined.

At the end of the month, the Monthly Budget Planner will generate a summary of your expenses and the amount you have been able to save.

30 Days Saving Challenge

If you have a savings goal you wish to achieve in a certain month by putting aside some money every day, then you can use a template called 30 Days Saving Challenge. Once you enter the savings amount you wish to reach by the end of the month, this template will show you how much you are expected to save each day to achieve your target.

Having a daily savings target helps you avoid unnecessary expenses and enhances your financial discipline. Once you have achieved the daily target, tick the checkbox on the 30 Days Saving Challenge template.

Note that this template sets a monthly savings target of $1,000 by default. However, you are allowed to modify it whenever you wish.

Investment Portfolio Dashboard

With this template, it becomes easy to track your investments across various sectors. The Investment Portfolio Dashboard has two sections: holdings and accounts. The former shows all the assets you’ve injected your funds into, while the latter displays how much you have invested in each asset.

To monitor your investments more efficiently, this template lets you enter the invested amount, the platform you used to buy the asset, and the type of investment. For instance, if you buy stock in a certain company, you can key in the amount invested and the stock broker used. After that, ensure you update the market value of the stock at the end of every trading cycle. The Investment Portfolio Dashboard will then show you whether you are in profits or losses.

Subscription Tracker

Subscriptions may eat up a huge portion of your monthly income if not managed efficiently. It is usually heartbreaking to see a certain subscription renewed because you simply did not remember to unsubscribe. Are you struggling with tracking your subscriptions? Check out the Subscription Tracker template today.

With this template, you can enter all your subscriptions, the cost of each and the expected renewal date. This helps you unsubscribe from services you no longer need. After unsubscribing, uncheck the box in the subscription on the template. You can always check that box at any time if you subscribe to that service again.

Finance Management Tracker

This all-in-one template allows you to formulate your monthly budget, monitor your investments, and set your daily saving goals. Finance Management Tracker is useful for people who don’t want to use many templates.

It is worth mentioning that this template also comes with an income rule section, where you enter your monthly income, the various expenses to be incurred, and how much you wish to spend on investments. After adding this information, the Finance Management Tracker will recommend how much you need to spend on each expense and investment.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

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