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5 Leading Platforms Offering Bitcoin Sign-Up Bonuses

Louise Villalobos

ByLouise Villalobos

Jan 7, 2024

We all don’t mind receiving free Bitcoin once in a while. Luckily, there are several platforms offering free BTC sign-up bonuses. Keep reading this article to know where you can earn some Bitcoin without spending a dime.

Top Platforms Giving Bitcoin Sign-Up Bonuses


Founded by Brain Armstrong, Coinbase is a popular crypto exchange in the United States. Over the years, the trading platform has expanded its geographical presence to become a global brand. Coinbase is now among the biggest exchanges by trading volume.

Coinbase Features

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As a leading exchange, Coinbase offers users access to a revolutionary trading platform called Advanced Trade. It has all the tools that a trader needs to become successful. Besides crypto trading, you can trade NFT on Coinbase. Other features offered by the exchange include the Base blockchain, non-custodial wallet, and Earn products.

So, how do you get a Bitcoin bonus on Coinbase? The process is simple. Just create a Coinbase account and make your first crypto purchase using the many supported payment methods. You will then receive $5 in Bitcoin.


Four crypto gurus, Kosta Kantchev, Antoni Trencheve, Kalin Metodiev, and George Shulev, joined hands to create crypto exchange Nexo. The Bulgaria-based platform has managed to expand its presence to over 150 nations since launching in 2018.

Nexo Features

As a Nexo user, you will be able to trade a wide range of crypto assets and borrow loans. Also, you can provide liquidity to earn interest. What’s more, Nexo has debit cards that let you pay for your shopping.

Here is how you can get a Bitcoin sign-up bonus on the platform: Simply go to Nexo.com and register an account. After that, visit the “Referral” tab and obtain your referral link. Now, share it with a friend and instruct them to deposit a minimum of $100 after creating a Nexo account. You will get $25 worth of Bitcoin.


Founded by Ouriel Ohayon, Omer Shlomovis, and Tal Be’ery, ZenGo is one of the well-known multi-asset wallets, with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

ZenGo Features

With ZenGo, you can stake cryptocurrencies to earn yield. In terms of security, the wallet adopted the MPC and face recognition technologies. It is also seedless, so you no longer have to worry about how you can keep your secret phrase safe.

How do you get ZenGo’s sign-up bonus? Simple! Download the wallet and get the referral code within the app. Share the code with a friend and ask them to spend a minimum of $500. If they do so, ZenGo will give you $10 in Bitcoin.


Previously called Bitreserve, Uphold is a popular US-based crypto exchange established in 2013 by famous businessman Halsey Minor.

Uphold Features

Besides letting users trade cryptocurrencies, Uphold offers custodial services for institutional clients. Notably, the platform supports the trading of precious metals.

So, how can you secure a Bitcoin sign-up bonus with Uphold? Well, the process is simple. After registering an Uphold account, get the referral link and share it with a friend to sign up with the crypto exchange. Instruct them to make a deposit of at least $200. If they do so, Uphold will reward you with $20 in BTC.


Crypto payment company Wirex started its operations in 2014. Dmitry Lazarichev and Pavel Matveev are the brains behind the Europe-based firm. Wirex is popular for launching a crypto-to-fiat payment card back in 2015.

Wirex Features

Wirex comes with a mobile wallet that allows users to store their digital currencies. Also, it offers a debit card, which customers can use at any merchant that accepts Visa. What’s more, you can buy and swap tokens within the Wirex platform.

Now, here is how you earn a Bitcoin sign-up bonus: Create and verify a Wirex account. Upon completing the Know-Your-Customer process, you will get 1000 WXT tokens, which you can easily convert to Bitcoin.


While Bitcoin sign-up bonuses offer an opportunity to grow your crypto holding without spending money, do not get carried away and start signing up with any platform because some of them are scams.

Louise Villalobos

Louise Villalobos

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