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3 Reasons to Choose Backlit Signs

Samuel Hall

BySamuel Hall

May 27, 2022
12 backlit sings washington dc

One of the primary objectives of using backlit signs in Washington DC is to have beautiful and bright signage that draws attention at all hours, irrespective of whether it’s day or night. These signs are mainly crafted to be viewed when illuminated from the back. The ambient lighting, which could be artificial or natural daylight, complements the viewing conditions to showcase stunning, visually appealing texts, logos, or graphics around the clock. You can use backlit signs outdoors as directional signs, safety signs, storefront signs, etc. They are also ideal for indoor use in large spaces, such as university campuses, office buildings, malls, train stations, airports, etc.

Crafting backlit signs in Washington has always been and still is one of the most difficult print applications. But some printers have perfected the process over time by drawing upon their decades of experience and expertise. Several techniques are used for crafting backlit signs.

12 backlit sings washington dc
12 backlit sings washington dc

Over the years, diverse techniques have been used to create images, most of which involved layering several prints on an assortment of semi-opaque or translucent materials without or with the addition of a white layer in-between. Using these techniques requiresextremely high skill. As a result, such signs are prettycostly to print. Even mounting these signs needs an experienced person to handle the job flawlessly.

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Backlit signs leverage modern wide-format printing technology. Attractive backlit signs in Washington DC by Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays with vibrant colorsare mostly created using double-sided printing. At first, the image is printed on the sign’s front side. Next, the media is rolled back and reloaded onto the printer,where the print faces down. A mirror image then gets printed onto the media’s backside, directly back-to-back with the first image.

A significant amount of running back and forth between the software and the print is involved when creating backlit signsin Washington DC. This ensures the image gets printed in the exact location, precisely on the back of the layer printed earlier. This is an enormouslylengthyjob. Yet, this needs to be done with utmost precision to ensure that when lit from behind, the image on your sign is crisp and sharp, without blurred transitions, fuzzy borders, and illegible texts.

These signs are effective and worth considering for your next signage project. If you aren’t sure why, here are the top three reasons that will help you decide:

Help you Stand Out

When your sign is backlit, it ties an element of mystique and importance to the sign. By indicating there’s something special about it, the sign creates perceived importance in the mind of your target audience. This increases its chances of grabbing attention and being read fully, thus letting you stand out from your competition.

Have Persuasive Powers

Multiple studies have shown how light affects our perceptions, moods, and emotionssignificantly. One study pointed to human emotions (adverse or positive) being felt more strongly under bright light. With backlit signsin Washington DC, you can activate and heighten your target audience’semotional response. By impacting how your target audience feels and what they think of your products or services, you can direct their ultimate choice of whether to buy or not.

The Power of 24X7Marketing

Your signs are functional only if your target customers see them. Unlike standard interior or exterior signs that can be missed in a sea of similar signs, backlit signs stand out. They command a superior yield as they are crafted to attract attention 24X7. Additionally, bright signs trigger alertness-boosting effects.

According to a UCLA report, over 22 million Americans workirregular shifts that disrupt their circadian rhythms, cause sleep deprivation, and decrease their alertness levels. Though capturing the attention of this demographic is especially difficult for marketers, you can leverage illuminated signs to boost your chances of engaging these people. Regarding ROI on signage expenditure, backlit signsin Washington DCdeliver noticeable results.

Finding a Print Partner for Your Backlit Signs in Washington DC

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays is a popular family-owned sign company in Washington, DC. It has been creating bespoke signs since 1977 to wow clients. Its backlit signsin Washington DC are tailored to meet your requirements and grab eyeballs and attentionto achieve the desired results.

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall

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